Earlier this evening, I had the pleasure of co-presenting with Brad Greubel at our monthly Developer Meeting. The topic at hand was the ASP.NET MVC Framework. Once I had ensured that our colleagues had been lulled into a deep and dreamless sleep by exploring the basics of building a web application using the framework, Mr. Greubel shattered their hopes for a restful afternoon with a riveting deep-dive into custom routing in ASP.NET MVC.

Now, I swore to myself that I wouldn't use PowerPoint this time around. Mostly because various versions of this story made me feel terribly uncool about the whole *.ppt thing. However, despite my best efforts, I was hard pressed to devise a better medium with which to deliver my dated and barely-relevant Matt Foley and Zoolander gags. So here it is, my PowerPoint presentation co-habitating harmoniously with my demonstration code in a nugget of a file easily downloadable by you.

And as per my custom, some linkage with which to nourish yourself along the road to ASP.NET MVC mastery.

Thanks to Brad and my other teammates at Aptera for the great discussion on what ASP.NET MVC means for .NET web developers.  And also for rocking so darned hard.