This morning I was seriously ready to pick my laptop up and use it to punch a nice, laptop-size hole in the closest wall. I was trying to send an email this morning, and Outlook 2010 kept informing me that it could not do as I asked. Searching on the interwebs provided me with lots of articles, blog posts, and message board threads. People told tales of corrupt Exchange mailboxes, errors in local .pst and .ost files, and problems with Task List entries.  I tried several of their suggestions, including using scanpst.exe to check my local files. There were errors, which scanpst fixed, but still I could not send the email in question!

I tried systematically changing what I was attempting, so that I could try to get closer to what was causing the problem. The email I was trying to send had attachments, so I removed the attachments and sent the message to one of my other email accounts. Success! OK, so it had something to do with attachments, right? To test this out, I sent the full message, including attachments, to my other email account. Success again! Now I was really confused, because I thought surely Outlook was freaking out over the attachments.

OK, time to end the suspense and reveal the real culprit. The CONTACT ENTRY for the person I was sending to was somehow corrupt. I opened the contact record, made a small tweak, removed the small tweak, and saved the contact back. I then tried to send the message again, and voila! Success!

Apparently, I am either the first to have the problem, the first to write about it, or I just somehow missed it in my searches because nothing I found suggested anything to do with specific contact records. Hopefully, this post will make its way into the search engines and will save someone else from the rage I felt at my computer this morning.

As I said to the person I was trying to email, “computers. they pay my bills, but sometime they drive me completely crazy.”  It’s a love-hate relationship, really.